How to use Mojobricks

JUST ADD ONE CUBE to your grill to add delicious smoke flavor to whatever you are cooking. 

Which size should you use:

As a general rule cooking in any grill for less than an hour is done with a mini.

If your palate wants a more robust smoke flavor use a medium size "Bar-B-Qube", which smoke for up to 2 hours and produces 3 times the smoke flavor of a mini. When using a larger cube for short periods, remove it from the heat when the cook is complete. Once removed from the heat it should burn itself out. Keep it in the grill away from water. 

Our largest is a "Mojoqube" and it smokes for 2 hours and adds 5 times the smoke flavor of a Mini. 


Mojobricks can be used in any grill

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Barbecue Grill Cover

The Wood - The Grill Application

where to place it

Gas/Propane grills are not known for being used for smoking meats. If you're patient and willing you can cook low and slow with Mojobricks® in your daily cooker. The key to cooking with Mojobricks in a gas grill is to pre-light the wood. USE TWO cubes for cooks that last more than 2 hours. Place the hottest ends against each other. (Pre-light the smallest ends). Last tip is to leave the wood near heat but not over it. You will use one burner and off set the meat opposite the heat.

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