How to use Mojobricks
It's as Easy as 1,2,3....


1) Pick the size BAR-B-QUBES®

BAR-B-QUBES® are Bars and Smaller Qubes (Mini).

Bars are medium size and smoke 2 to 3 hours.

Small Qubes (Mini) - are cubes that smoke for 30 to 45 minutes.

one more size - the largest - is a Mojoqube -2 to 3 hours of smoke, 5x the flavor of a small cube

PELLET GRILL - we recommend - Bar-B-Qubes

If your palate wants a more robust smoke flavor use a medium size  

If your palate wants less smoke flavor add the  smaller Qube.

When using a medium size bar-b-qube for short periods, remove it from the heat when the cook is complete. Once removed from the heat it should burn itself out.  Keep it in the grill away from water.  It can be reused on the next cook. 

Bar-B-Qubes are recommended for Pellet Grills, Electric Smokers, Charcoal and Gas Grills. We reccomend Bar-B-Qubes for stick burners and reverse flow cabinet smokers. 

​Our largest cube is a "Mojoqube" and it smokes for 2-3 hours and adds 5 times the smoke flavor of a Mini. 

Mojoqubes are recommended for Gas, Electric, Charcoal and even Reverse Flow cabinet smokers.


3) EAT!


Working with CHARCOAL. It takes a lot to burn a Mojobrick®. Place the wood directly into the hottest charcoal and close the lid.   The more the lid stays on the smoker the longer the mojobrick® will smoke.  In a Pellet Grill you have several options as a general rule the fire pot is option #1. Option #2 is a heat shield. Option # 3 is to place a lit qube next to the meat. Bar-B-Qubes® are the best option for the pellet grill and both the bar and the small qube can be used.     Option #1 (use the bar-b-qube®)  Place 1 bar so the nose of the bar hangs out over the fire pot opening (see pictures below) and the shaft of the bar is on the metal away from the opening but secure so it stays still during the cook. You can add a 2nd bar or smaller qube directly to the end of the first bar. The bar's nose will ignite and burn straight back away from the flame and the wood will continue to burn and smoke for hours. For best results do not use a tube or a smoke box in a pellet grill. 

2nd option - place the bar on the heat shield. If it doesn't light prelight it on the next cook. ( Typical prelight - let it burn for five minutes).  3rd Option Prelight a qube by placing it directly in fire for 5 minutes, then set it on the grill next to the meat ( best if placed on a metal lid or smoke box lid).

In a grill that is propane or gas  pre light the wood on the flavorizing rail. Move the wood onto the same level as the food.  Close the lid and let the wind move the smoke onto the meat. 


A Bar-B-Qube is a bar that smokes for 2-3 hours. The small  cube smokes for 30-45 minutes 


Mojobricks can be used in any grill

The Wood - The Grill Application

where to place it

600 minicube.png

Gas/Propane grills are not known for being used for smoking meats. If you're patient and willing you can cook low and slow with Mojobricks® in your daily cooker. The key to cooking with Mojobricks in a gas grill is to pre-light the wood. USE TWO cubes for cooks that last more than 2 hours. Place the hottest ends against each other. (Pre-light the smallest ends). Last tip is to leave the wood near heat but not over it. You will use one burner and off set the meat opposite the heat.

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