Why Use Mojobricks?

In discussing what Mojobricks® are or are not we came to the conclusion that Mojobricks produce the same natural smoke flavor of wood because they are wood. Natural wood, compressed and unique in the delivery of that smoke flavor but wood none the less.  So, why use Mojobricks?  
1. Reduction of pollution 
This is the reason we ventured into this product. I wanted to be apart of the solution of our earths pollution problem. Not apart of the problem, so I am doing my little part.  Little it is when you use mojobricks, you reduce the amount of pollution it takes to transport and store it, sometimes about 4xs other time by 3x the amount of pollution reduction. Three times is a big number. On an individual scale it seems small. But in the big picture, the one we have been working toward for a decade.    Any company that orders 3 tractor loads of wood chips/wood chunks per month for their supply chain unloads each tractor load with a fork lift. E.G. The fork lift operator moves into and back out of the truck, drives into the warehouse, delivers the pallet of wood to the rack, comes back, drives into the trailer, picks up another pallet, drives back into the warehouse.  Three tractor loads are unloaded for every one tractor load of the equivalent of Mojobricks. Every time 3 tractor trailers roll out onto the road to deliver your wood chips or wood chunks - Mojobricks need only move one trailer to deliver the same payload.
Transportation pollution is the dominating pollution in the world we live in. Another pollution, is plastic, with your help we can become plastic free and we can replace wood chunks in the market.

2. Mojobricks Deliver Convenience
Because of the dense form, they smoke longer.
Take a look online at wood chunk marketers, they will say that their wood is dense. So, obviously there is an advantage to a dense wood chunk.  Mojobricks are the densest, compressed wood chunks®, grown in the USA, and available now!   How long a mojobrick burns depends on many conditions. The size of the fire, the wind, the applicator all of these need to be taken into consideration when comparing products. We bring 3 sizes to market. the smallest it is for cooks lasting less then an hour. The medium size is for 1 rack of ribs or a couple pork chops or a couple steaks. Try one small and one medium size Bar-B-Qubes® for a rack of ribs or 2. a whole chicken. Add a Large Mojoqube™ for 2 chickens or a small butt. Or try one Mojoqube and a medium Bar-B-Qube® for a stronger smoke profile.

3. Low Moisture Content
"Less Moisture means Cleaner Smoke. Clean Smoke means Better Tasting Barbecue” ~ Author of “How to BBQ Right” Blog and professional Pitmaster Malcom Reed. 
Mojobricks are 6% to 9% moisture which is 2 to 3x drier then wood chunks.

4. Results
Mojobricks have been tested by grandmothers, dads, professional cooks, test kitchens, research and development corporations, by a Saudi King and his court. Everyone and anyone can cook with Mojobricks and get the same consistent smoke flavor that Mojobricks® are intended to deliver!  
The first big result happened in 2012, when a butcher in Oklahoma took a Cherry Bar-B-Qube and used it in conjunction with his pellet grill. He made that combination work at the World Food Championship and won the entire event in the process!
Thats when we knew we had a product worth investing in!
5. Simplicity and Diversity
We currently produce the top sellers - Hickory, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Apple all are single species  but we also do the fun ones which are bourbon, pecan, mapple™, and the name everyone stole from us "Competition Blend" which is a blend of 2 different oaks.  So, with Mojobricks you can cook with the regular smoking wood or you can mix it up and cook with a wood that has been blended to create a unique barbecue experience.
Please enjoy our Mojobricks responsibly and tell a friend to try Mojobricks! 


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