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Instant smoke

Mojobricks can be used in any grill

Never Soak Wood Again


Welcome to the World of Bar-B-Qubes

Add Mojobricks to your grill and enjoy the unforgettable award-winning smoke flavor! It's a 100% all natural wood, no chemicals or binders, just pure mother nature natural hardwood.
 Just add it to your grill once and your done - no refreshing needed. Its long lasting and reliable.
Mojobricks makes BBQ easy. Taste the difference!
For use in any grill/smoker - even gas grills.


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What are Mojobricks?

Since the inception in 2008 we have told you what Mojobricks® are; an all natural hardwood, compressed. No Binder, No Glue, No Additives of any kind, but for some reason people still want to tell you what it is not. 
So, let's discuss what it is not.
It is not particle board. 
Mojobricks are mother natures natural sawdust fines, compressed under tens of thousands of pounds of pressure, heated and then cooled. The force and the heat along with the natural binder in the wood known as "lignin" hold the wood together. 
When you burn wood it produces many things, but for our example we can talk about the smoke flavor. 
Mojobricks are not going to produce anything but a wood smoke flavor.  
Got it? Wood when in the form of Mojobricks, Small, Medium or Large size delivers the smoke flavor of wood.


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