Mojobricks in a Gas Grill!

Putting Wood in a Gas Grill

Mojobricks wood smoke  is the fastest way to delicious mouth watering smoked meals! Adding  Mojobricks to your grill is the easiest way to bring on smoke flavor in a flash without all the complexities of figuring out how long or how much you need for the cook. Are you grilling on high heat?   “ MINIS are the smallest product we produce. Use 1 mini when cooking 16 ounces of protein or less. Add a 2nd mini if you want more smoke flavor on that lb or less. You can also add a Mini to another Mojobricks medium or largest cubes based on the weight of the protein you are working with. Visit our First of its Kind page for time and weights of Mojobricks smoke flavor.


Cherry Chipotle Chicken Lollipops

Nibble Me This: Cherry Chipotle Chicken Lollipops ( 2 Cherry qubes)

Micheal McDearman of Getfiredupfoods recommends adding a mini to just about any cook. ” Think about safety first and place the Mojobricks  Mini atop the heat shield or just under the meat or anywhere that’s not going to meet up with dripping fat. Once that is accomplished you will find the smoke flavor coming off either the nut or fruit hardwood mini to be the easiest most forgiving of the hardwoods for smoke flavor in the market.”

The ” Mini” can also be used for fish filets or smaller chicken portions on a low heat, slow cook. Simply add a mini below the filet and turn the temperature down.

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