Mojobricks - Earth Friendly for Smoke Flavor

For 350,000 years, man has been burning wood to make his meal.
Mojobricks makes it better.

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Love the Taste Not the Waste



Best flavor St Louis, Memphis, Dallas, Jackson and Atlanta Rib Cook-off

Tons Per Week

Mojobricks shipped everyday to fine restaurants and cooks in your area.

Percent Longer

Burns Up to 35% Longer then Chunks of wood


Pros cooking with Mojobricks.


    I use Mojobricks® because my food tastes better when I use Mojobricks®, it is that simple

    Patrick Paquette; Pitmaster of The Basic BBQ Team.

    George on July 28, 2016

    I love these things. I used them in my large insulated cabinet. The problem is they are hard to find. But it is hard for me to find chunks of wood anyways. It is about the same $ per use than finding chunks of wood at the local BBQ store. 2 of these can get me enough smoke for my food. A normal cook usually costs me a few bucks in wood. It is about the same. Ill keep using these. Verified Purchase


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    Smoke Flavor Like You've Never Tasted